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Family Dynamics

Meet the team

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross, LCSW

For over 30 years, Tracy Ross has been working with couples at all phases of their relationships including pre-marriage and post-divorce. In addition, Tracy has a strong focus and expertise in adult family therapy, particularly in the area of family cut-offs, and redesigning and healing adult family relationships.

Tracy’s specialties include parenting, discernment counseling, adult family relationships, collaborative divorce, and sex therapy. She has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, Bowenian Family Therapy, EMDR, and Relational Sex Therapy. With graduate degrees from Columbia University and Fordham University, Tracy is a licensed clinical social worker, organizational psychologist, certified discernment counselor, and collaborative divorce coach.

She completed post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute’s family & couples therapy externship program. For over 20 years Tracy has had a private practice in the West Village & for 10 years was a faculty member of the Resilient Families/Special Needs Kids Project at the Ackerman Institute. She lives in NYC with her family.

"I work with my clients to facilitate a relationship “redesign”, this allows for a shift in family dynamics and couples’ dynamics that are stuck in old patterns. It strengthens connections and makes room for new ways of relating and moving forward."

Judith Aronowitz

Judith Aronowitz, LCSW

Judi Aronowitz has been working with couples and families to strengthen relationships and create close communicative bonds for the past 15 years. Judi is a graduate of The Ackerman Institute for the Family Externship Program and holds a certificate in working with children and adolescents from NIP.

Additional positions include: Licensed Registered Nurse in Pediatrics; Sr. Social Worker, Supervisor; Beth Israel /Mt Sinai Child and Adolescent Outpatient Department. She is a certified discernment counselor.

Judi has a private practice in downtown Manhattan and for the past 10 years has worked as a faculty member on the Resilient Families /Special Needs Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She lives in NYC with her Family.

"When working with Families the relationships are the target of intervention. I support families to understand their dynamic and facilitate cohesion."

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